Project Description

This product has 4 size models, each size has 5 colors, respectively 90g, 40g, 17g, 2 ~ 3g

Set the product weight 150g: large, two, three, the smallest number;

Large product weight 90g: irrigation mouth diameter 70mm, high 80m

No. 2 Size Product weight 40g: irrigation hole diameter 55mm, height 55mm;

Three size product weight 17g: irrigation hole diameter 37mm, high 80mm;

The smallest product weight 3g: irrigation hole diameter 15mm, high 50mm;

Environmental protection materials, the skin without adverse stimuli; safe and reliable, no burns scratched worry; easy to operate, anytime, anywhere can cupping; strong suction, easy to fall easily; tough and durable, easy to clean and disinfect; Gift to share.

Modern medicine research showing, cupping therapy can improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, improve immunity, regulate the organization, relieve the body pain, heart rate, blood circulation, blood pressure, breathing, nerve, endocrine system also has a two-way benign regulatory role. Widely used in family personal care, physical therapy, beauty, etc., can also be used as clinical prevention, diagnosis, treatment of auxiliary tools

First, the suction tank method
1, press the suction tank method: the portable tank mouth close to the site of treatment, with your fingers or palm press the can handle, so that the tank of air discharge, and then let go can be negative pressure, you can suck on, repeatedly press 2-3 Times to adjust the suction.
2, flip the suction method: the portable cans to the direction of the tank cans to turn, and then the bottom of the tank near the site of treatment, and then flip the shape of recovery, you can suck on this method than the suction method of adsorption more force The

Second, from the tank method
1, directly from the tank method: hand grasp can handle, directly forced to lift the cans from the skin. This method is suitable for patients with no lesions, skin tolerance is better, the adsorption force is not strong, often used in flash tank.
2, the side from the tank method: press the cans do not move, slowly opened from the side of the mouth. This method is suitable for patients with skin lesions or poor skin tolerance, such as the elderly, children and other people, often in the use of cans.

Third, portable cans commonly used cupping therapy
1, flash cans: the tank adsorption in the treatment site, immediately from the repeated suction several times until the skin flushing so far.
2, stay cans: cupping, stay a certain time, the general stay 10-20 minutes. The length of time should be combined with the degree of tolerance and condition of the surgeon.
3, push cans (also known as the cans): generally used for larger areas, muscular parts, such as the back, abdomen, thighs and other parts, first in the surgical site coated with some oil, Hand holding the can handle, slowly rotating to promote, so that the skin surface up and down or back and forth to move back and forth several times, until the skin flushing so far.
4, cans: the tank to suck up, hand grasping the tank, on the pull to pull the skin to the mouth is not from the skin for the degree, and then relax to restore the status quo, so repeated, gentle, even back and forth to pull many times to the skin There is bleeding so far.

Fourth, the cupping parts: In addition to the face and other easy to leave the stench and privacy, etc. can not be cupping place, the other parts of the body can be, with the relevant points better.

Five, the use of time: 1 day, alternating points, 7-10 days for a course of treatment, interval 3-5 days, and then the second course of treatment.

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