Project Description

● high comfort ergonomic handle design, can support the entire palm to the thumb, to provide the best touch, for a long time riding a great protection.
● TPR rubber material can achieve the effect of complete slip, and has a similar silicone flexibility and flexibility.
● The width of the palm support part of the 45MM, than the general ergonomic sleeve narrow 5MM, this design can take into account the riding when the better control feel, while ensuring the palm to reduce the pressure.
● High-strength 3D one-piece aluminum alloy to strengthen the inner ring, the installation of durable, grip super comfortable.
● lock ring dazzling anodic color process, a variety of colors with any vehicle can be easily accessible equipment, so that your car more dazzling.

Color: the main black, lock ring: red / black / blue / golden four colors
Weight: 210 g / pair
Material: lock ring, aluminum alloy; handle sets, TPR green rubber
Size: the sleeve, length 138MM * diameter 30-45MM
Packaging: OEM PE bag, including: set of sets * 2 / lock ring * 2 / plug * 2

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