Project Description

Name: 3D food grade pure silicone embroidery eyeliner practice skin
Product weight: 100g
Material: pure food grade silicone (pattern embroidery color formula)
【Product Name】: 3D embroidery eye practice skin
【Weight】: 100 grams
【Details】: imitate the structural characteristics of the human skin, the use of the skin closest to the human skin made of special materials, the texture close to the human skin soft and flexible. Is the best practice of beginners before the practice of supplies.
100% pure silicone rubber, the market is a lot of PVC skin (its material is rough, not soft), silicone leather feel good, easy to learn good operation! Smooth embroidery!

Model No.PMUK-AC-1521
Material3D silica gel
ColorWhite and black
Practice skin sizeLength 145mm, width 195mm, thickness 1.5mm
AdvantageReal Skin Feeling
PackagingTattoo practice skin 1 Piece / OPP Bag


The tattoo practice skin fits for eyes & brows practise makeup,

it is made from the advanced science and technology material, and manufactured according to the people’s skin.

Its thickness and elasticity can control the depth of the needles stabbing into it,

and at the same time can make the students found their mistakes easily and correct them in time so as to improve the students operating skills rapidly.
Characteristic :

1) Washable, very soft. 

2) Easy to get ink.

3) Realistic,similar with real human skin feeling


Funcations :

1)The practice skin offers you a fake skin that is a better choice for a new starter

2) It is soft and comfortable to help you control the feeling of tattooing 

3) It can be repeatedly tattooed for several times according to your need

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